All materials used are stainless steel 304 or 316.

Surface Finish:
Inside and outside finish are specified. Welds can be grinded, brushed, polished Or all surfaces can be hand polished.

Construction Features:
Vertical Or Horizontal Models.Single, Jacket or Double Jacket For cooling with refrigerant, Ice Water Or Glycol.
Top & Bottom Conical (Inclination depending on the volume) or spherical.Sturdy Conical attractive legs with adjustable ball feet.

Fitting & Accessories:
In & Outlet fittings are specified by the customer. They can be cone, flange or other fittings.
Manhole (DIA 450 mm), Anti foam Inlets, Air Vents, Butterfly Valves, Blind Nuts Etc.,

Other Accessories:
Cleaning System
Agitator selected for the application
Sight Glass
Gauge Glass
Lifting Luggs,
Ladder Etc.